Friday, June 27, 2014

Shiny is always better.

After dabbling in Objective-C for a few days, I realized that app programming is pretty different from the database managing I do during the day. Thus, I was really excited learn about a thing called Shiny. Shiny is an app-development package in R. Woah! It seemed like a great way to accustom myself to app development without having to simultaneously learn a new language.

I decided to actually learn a few things and take the Developing Data Products course offered by Coursera. Shiny apps are a major component of the course, including the course project. Here's a link to mine:  The Shiny servers have been having some issues keeping up with the deluge of Coursera users, so it if doesn't work then try back later.

Of course, this was an exercise in form over content. I've included the code in the comments if you're curious how to make a slider bar that changes the size of an image. More information on how to host your apps can be found at

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  1. # this is the ui.R file

    titlePanel("Zoom the creepy Mabry. It's awesome."),
    sliderInput("slider", "This is a thing you can do.",
    max = 300,
    min = 1,
    value = 25),
    #img(src = "nanc.jpg", width =100),

    # this is the server.R file
    shinyServer(function(input, output) {

    output$logo = renderUI({
    img(src = "mab.jpg", width = input$slider)